7 Cool Poses That Were Famous At The Time

Posing is a skill and is an art at times.

As a photographer, you probably always have safe poses to use when you don’t feel as creative, sometimes it’s hard to come up with cool poses that will work for that specific photoshoot.

Besides photography equipment, having an inventory of great poses will help you to create unique portraits.

Being able to come up with creative ways to built your portraits, is something unique you carry with you as a photographer.

Maybe you have done a lot of photoshoots, or maybe you’re just starting out – these poses were recognized once they were published and even to this day are sure to add more depth to your portraits.

Cool Poses

The queen of cool, Grace Jones, was known for her feminine power and strength. Her iconic poses were never static and she always had a strong presence in front of the camera.

She was known for her unique style and her bold personality. She loved to wear outrageous outfits and make up.

Jones also became a muse to Andy Warhol who photographed her extensively and created a series of iconic portraits of her.

Cool Poses

Brigitte Bardot was a French actress and sex symbol who became famous for her bohemian lifestyle and her beauty.

She often wore short skirts and long boots to show off her legs when she walked on set or around town in Paris. One of Brigitte Bardot’s most memorable poses was this image, which became very popular at that time because it contradicted with the female archetype at the time.

Known as the face of Chanel No. 5, she brought freshness and glamour to everything she did.

cool poses

One of the original ’90s supermodels, Cindy Crawford’s face has graced countless magazine covers, campaigns and runways in her 30-plus years in the fashion industry.

Her sun-kissed brunette mane, striking brows and beauty spot have long made her the kind of beauty on whom all manner of make-up and hair looks shine, although her signature is natural, fresh skin and a defined eye.

Cool Poses

Cher was famous for her bohemian style that included bell bottoms, platform shoes, wigs and fur coats. Cher has been celebrated for representing female independence in male-dominated industries.

Cher’s infamous cattitude started when she posed with her pet kitty on the cover of Vogue magazine in 1966. She has become synonymous with style ever since.

Cool Poses

Jean Daniel Lorieux’s work is by his use of vivid colors, sensual vitality and spacious compositions. This is one of his famous portraits.

Among the most iconic of his images are those that attain a dream-like quality, as can be seen in a series shot for VdeV swimsuits with model Triffina Hout in 1986.

Cool Poses

Sharon Stone is one of the most recognized and imitated models in Hollywood.

Sharon Stone has a reputation for being one of the most seductive, sensual and erotic actresses of all time. She has used her body to sell the star power of a movie, inciting extreme emotion from audiences. Her iconic pose has been reproduced by many models over the decades since Basic Instinct was released in 1992.

Cool Poses

Since her first fashion shoot in 1975, Jerry Hall has been synonymous with strength and character.

She has been described as the world’s most famous supermodel by fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier. Starting her career in 1965 by winning Mrs World, she quickly became a leading model and the “femme fatale” of the 1970s.

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