Join Our 52 Week Photography Challenge (Starts In 2024)


Like in the last challenge, we are going to bring you this 52 week photography challenge for a whole year. This can be done any year you want to, but we are starting it from the first week of January 2024.

You need to commit yourself for the next 52 weeks in order to develop yourself through this challenge.

After this challenge you will be more able to inspect your photography work and understand how you create your images. And it’s simple to start: The challenge can be seen here weekly starting from the first week in January.

If you’ve been waiting for a new weekly photo challenge where you can develop your skills in photography and create new ways at visualizing your surroundings, this is your opportunity to do so.

Grab your spot in our 52 Week Photography Challenge. This Weekly photography challenge will develop your skills in photography

Starting on January 1st, we are hosting a 52 week photo challenge which consists of weekly challenges that anyone from any level of knowledge can participate in.

This 52 week photography challenge 2024 aims to conceptualise your work as a photographer and providing you with fun exercises.

The goals of this challenge include producing new imagery, editing your work every week for one year. And if you feel intimidated by needing to be committed to this for the whole year – everyone can join with their own schedule.

Missing a week or two is not a major worry; the most important thing is that you come back to continue this weekly photography challenge.

Doing something every week feels far less overwhelming than doing something everyday.

Why you should start this 52 week photography challenge:

  1. Grow your photographic skills
  2. Develop your image reading skills
  3. Deepen your creativity
  4. Edit your series better
  5. Play around with concepts

How to participate:

  • The best way to participate is to sign up for the 52 Week Photo Challenge email list for weekly email reminders and extra tips for the assignment
  • Sign up to be able to join our Facebook group where you’ll see the weekly assignments being posted and get support on any questions about the challenges

Notice, that if you join before December 2023, you will be added to the challenge then. This means you will receive your first assignments already next week after joining.

The first assignment for the 52 Week Photo Challenge will be released on the 7th of January, 2024. And every Sunday after that.


If you found this photo challenge and it’s past the starting date, don’t worry – you can still join! This project will motivate and inspire you to take action as a photographer and deepen your knowledge on creating your images but also conceptualising them.

There are no requirements to participate every week, so feel free to join the email group to be notified whenever theres a new weekly challenge out. After the challenge you will feel inspired and be more skilled to continue on your photography journey.

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