52 Week Photography Challenge: WEEK 5 | What about the back of it

Last week was a bit different, and I wanted for you to have somewhat of a self-reflective week – looking through the images you’ve taken and maybe finding something new.

On week no 5 of the 52 week photography challenge you will be asked to look at your subjects from a different point of view.

We always focus on the front side of things we photograph. But this time we will turn it around.

Why not make the uninteresting, become interesting?

This week we will focus on the backside of things. Instead of photographing the subject or object at hand like we usually do – we will turn it around.

Much like the first assignment you had, we will be looking at the things we photograph more closely. Can you make something not commonly visible, into something intriguing?

52 Week Photography Challenge: WEEK 5 | What about the back of it
Photo by Yaroslav Shuraev on Pexels.com

This weeks assignment is not restricted to only objects we find, you can also photograph people.

Look more closely into how you as a photographer, can create this mystery around the object / subject you choose. If you want to make the object completely unrecognizable, you can do so.

Assignment For This Week: Photograph 5 images that show the backs of things

  • Amount of images: 5
  • Idea: Photograph the backs of things you find
  • Ready: By the end of week 5

52 Week Photography Challenge: WEEK 5 | What about the back of it
Photo by Pauline Raw on Pexels.com

Since we all develop in different pace, you can always choose to add more elements as you go. If looking for specific composition or leading lines feels attainable for you, add them to this weeks assignment.

Notice it is not necessary, but to give some of you an extra challenge, if you feel comfortable adding parts of the previous assignments.

52 Week Photography Challenge: WEEK 5 | What about the back of it
Photo by Artem Podrez on Pexels.com

Remember, these assignments are here to inspire your photographic journey. Make every photograph count, and see how you develop your photographic skills.

Enjoy this assignment, and let go of any expectations you might have regarding the content of the image or how much does the final image look like your photography style. JUST GO AND SHOOT  ☺︎

Good luck, and be ready for the next assignment on week 6.

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