52 Week Photography Challenge: WEEK 1 | Beauty In Ordinary Things

I’m glad to see you’ve decided to take on the 52 week photography challenge and are ready to start with week 1.

This challenge starts with examining the dull and the mundane. We pass ordinary things and places everyday but rarely stop to look at them or even appreciate their beauty.

Seeing the details around us, not only helps us appreciate what we already have, but will also deepen our creativity and the skill on how we can be inspired by our surroundings.

Think about what places do you pass everyday without putting much thought when passing them?

52 week photography challenge has officially started! Even if you didn't make it from day 1, you can still start now. Here is the first challenge:
Photo by Aleksei Andreev on Pexels.com

Assignment For This Week: Photograph 5 images that have 1 red element

  • Amount of images: 5
  • Dominant element: Color red
  • Location: A familiar everyday place

These images should be shot somewhere you go by everyday. The place can be the store next to you or your own yard, but they all need to have a red element in them.

The red element can be the waiter, who always wears the red shirt. Or it can be an object like a trash bin on the street where you take off the bus.

One important thing here: Do not move the red element in any ways, when you photograph it / them. Try to find an angle that best represents the aesthetic that you want to achieve.

You can shoot as many images as you want, but then edit the selection to a final 5 images.

Your imagination is the only limitation here. You can shoot analog or digital, just make sure you will have the images done in 2 weeks time.

You will need to have these images in order to proceed to the assignment on week 3.

Remember – this is your first week – it is a starting point for your creativity to flow easier and for you to be able to see interesting things in your surroundings.

The elements you choose don’t need to be aesthetically pleasing, just make sure they’re red.

Enjoy this assignment, and let go of any expectations you might have regarding the content of the image or how much does the final image look like your photography style. JUST GO AND SHOOT THESE IMAGES ☺︎

Good luck, and be ready for the next assignment on week 2.

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In the group you’ll be able to upload your images and discuss your process and of course – get support on any questions you might have.

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11 thoughts on “52 Week Photography Challenge: WEEK 1 | Beauty In Ordinary Things

  1. im very interested inthis challenge. where do i send my pictures and how do i find the facebook page and next assignment?

    1. Hi Robin, You can join the group by signing to the email list and so will receive the weekly challenges automatically to your email. The link is in the original article πŸ™‚ You will also be able to find the link to the FB group from there. The group is fr sharing your results and having discussion on the assignments. You can also ask questions and I will be glad to answer them. I’m excited to see so many people have already joined and can’t wait to see your results.

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