100th Post Celebration And Your Favourite Posts Of All Time

We have finally reached a huge milestone with this website and it is this 100th post! I have to admit at times researching and writing have not been the easiest things to do, but looking back now all of them were worth the effort.

Seeing all of you coming here and finding value in what has been written, is truly the only prize I need.

I wanted to look back on these 100 posts and the ones I enjoyed creating the most, but also the ones that eventually became your favourite posts of all time.

Learning Composition

If you’re wanting to learn more about composing your images and the subjects in them, these articles are great to teach you more on how to create leading lines and using negative space for your advantage.

Photography Composition Made Easy: What is Negative Space Photography?

7 Powerful Frame Composition Tips To Use In Your Images

Make Money With Photography

Are you wondering questions such as:

How can I make money with photography?

How should I price my photography?

If so, please continue reading the articles below to see the answers to the questions above as well as answers to other common questions.

How To Start A Photography Business With No Experience – Simple Guide

[2022] Photography Prices For Beginners: How To Know What To Charge

How to Become a Professional Photographer: 4 Essential Steps

How To Properly Apply For A Photography Assistant Job

How To Create A Successful Photography Business Plan

100th Post Celebration
Photo by Ike louie Natividad on Pexels.com

For Art Photography Lovers

Taking an artistic approach your photography practice will mean different things to different people.

Some people will want to explore other artists, while others simply want to create a better photography portfolio to take them to the right direction with their practice.

Introducing The Best Art Photography Books For Photographers

Studying In Bachelor Fine Arts Photography: What You need To Know

The Best Exhibitions To Inspire You As A Photo Artist

Can A Photo Documentary Make You A Better Photographer?

Photographers Dilemma: The Ethics of Photography And How To Implement Them

Get Better At Creating Your Artistic Photography Portfolio

How To Make Your Own Proposals + Grant Proposal Guide For Photographers

Learning Photography Lighting

Are you wondering how to light your pictures when you’re not familiar with photography lighting? Are you looking for the best lighting tips?

Whether you have just started your journey or if you have been photographing for some while already, these tips will elevate your lighting skills.

How To Master Light And Shadow Photography

What You Should Know About Still Life Photography Lighting

Why Is Cloudy Background Actually The Best To Shoot In?

Great Flash Photography Ideas To Use In Your Photography

100th Post Celebration
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Products I use and recommend

I created these articles to easily list recommended services, products, and companies that I use and/or those I know are valuable. This way you can quickly find great products and services for your need.

The Best Portable Photography Studio Kits For Beginners

Amazing Gifts For Photographers Under $25 That They’ll Love

Professional Photography Equipment List – What You Should Have

How To Shoot On Film + The Best Quality Cameras

7 Best Film Cameras For Beginners To Start Out With

The Best Gifts For A Photo Lover: Holiday Guide

100th Post Celebration
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Learning Portrait Photography

Do you want to learn how to take better portraits? Here’s how you can start learning everything about portrait photography and create stunning images for your clients.

What Is The Art of Portrait Photography And How Can You Make Yours Better

7 Creative Photography Poses + How To Create Interesting Portraits

9 Tricks How To Photograph Your Art The Right Way

7 Unique Types Of Portrait Photography To Inspire You

100th Post Celebration
Photo by Tima Miroshnichenko on Pexels.com

Photography Exercises

Photography is something we all want to practice daily, but it can simultaneously be a huge stressor. Fortunately, there are many ways to be inspired and to help you to take action so that you can start photographing daily. These exercises will provide you with creative ways to expand your photography.

27 Engaging Photography Exercises For Beginners To Learn From {FREE PDF}

52 Week Photography Challenge: WEEK 2 | What Story Are You Telling

52 Week Photography Challenge: WEEK 3 | Where do the lines lead you

52 Week Photography Challenge: WEEK 6 | Objects Make The Picture

52 Week Photography Challenge: WEEK 5 | What about the back of it

52 Week Photography Challenge: WEEK 4 | Killing your darlings

52 Week Photography Challenge: WEEK 7 | The Dark Side Of It

52 Week Photography Challenge: WEEK 8 | What Do The Shadows Tell ?

We would love to hear which articles you enjoyed the most and what articles you’re looking forward to reading!

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